In our dog training center we use positive reinforcement training methods respecting the individuality of each team.

Our goal is to deepen the relationship between the dog and its owner.

We offer unique obedience courses planed according to level of each team. The courses run from Monday to Friday in the afternoon and evening. 

Rascals - graduates learn the basics for communicating with each other. Dogs respond well to their name, they know common training aids (collar, harness, leash), they learn basic self-control, calmness, recall and they know the basic commands. Owners know how to engage and reward their dog, they know basic command technique and work on day to day use. 

Pupils - graduates learn day-to-day obedience in both indoor and outdoor environments. Dogs widen the range of commands. Teams learn the technique of handling for routine home cooperative treatment. 

Experts - graduates master leash work, they can work in more difficult outdoor environment. Teams learn more about environmental motivation and widen even more the range of commands. Dogs handle well cooperative treatment even with other person (preparation for veterinary examination). 

Pros- graduates master team cooperation indoors and outdoors, dogs react well to changes. Owner know how to manage the situation so the dogs can succeed. Teams master wide range of commands. Dogs handle basic veterinary examinations. 

Continued education is the way to understand better your dog. So we also offer different kinds of seminars for you to get inspired and learn how to solve common situations in better cooperation with your dog and less stress. 

We also offer individual lessons suitable for everybody to whom group courses don't suit or for teams facing some issues and need more intense work. 

If neither of the service above would suit you, then we can offer you an online consultation from the comfort of your home. 

And we have more! We believe that self-care is also part of the general well-being. Therefore, we offer a safe space for individual and group psychotherapy under expert guidance, we offer a place to share your inner joys and worries.


Obedience courses

Would you like to teach your dog so called social obedience? Would you like to understand each other better? In our training center, you will find several types of courses according to your level of skills. The courses are run in a group of no more than 4 dogs and are led by two trainers. The course content is given in advance.

Course dates (you will find the exact dates in the application form)

- January - March

- April - June

- September - December

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Individual lesson

Would you like to train your dog but group lessons are not the right thing for you? Are you dealing with a specific issue, which requires more intense approach?

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Online consultation

Click Do you have a current problem you just want to talk about? Don't you have enough time or opportunity to come for a lesson? No problem. You will also find an online consultation service in our offer.

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We offer a variety of seminars. You can learn new information to move you to better live with your dog.

At the moment all the seminars are taught only in Czech.

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For companies

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Individual psychotherapy

Being a dog owner has its ups and downs. For many of us, a dog is a full-fledged family member for whom we would do almost anything. We're doing our best to make sure our dog has a happy life. But what about us - the owners? Do we take care of ourselves the same way we take care of our four-legged friends? Let's do something for ourselves and don't forget: "Self-care is caring for others."

At the moment the therapy is let only in Czech.

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Support group Hodný pes

"The Pet Owners Support Group offers a space for mutual help, support and sharing of life experiences."

Within the support group, you can share your feelings, thoughts, worries, as well as joys that may or may not be related to your pet friend. In the group you will find space for sharing, support, inspiration, relief, understanding, closeness, acceptance of yourself, or self-knowledge. By the time we understand ourselves better, we can better understand others - even our dogs.

At the moment the support group is let only in Czech.

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