1. Entering the training room

Always have your dog on the leash when entering the premises.

2. Medical condition of the dog

The participation of the dog in lessons is contingent on its good health - the dog shows no signs of illness and has a valid rabies vaccination. Prepare a vaccination card at the first visit, without which the dog can be excluded from exercise.

3. Barking

To avoid disruption of lessons, ensure that your dog does not bark unnecessarily.

4. Destruction of training room and other equipment 

Do not let your dog destroy any training room equipment and exercise area by marking it with urine, digging, chewing or otherwise. If damage is caused (to property, other participants of the lesson, etc.), we ask for immediate financial compensation. Any damage caused by a dog or a dog's owner is the responsibility of the owner.

5. Free movement of dogs

Never let the dog run of leash in the training room, your dog has to be supervised all the time even if the lesson has not started yet. At the same time, we ask to walk the dog before entering the exercise room.

6. Muzzles

Muzzle a dog that could pose a risk to other dogs or people.

7. Excrements

Always pick up your dog's excrements not only in the training room but outside as well. The fine for performing the need (peeing and pooping) in the interior space is 300,- CZK.

8. Treatment of the dog and behavior at the training area

Always be considerate of your dog in the training room, do not overload, abuse or punish them. If there was a violation of Law No 246/1992 Coll. to protect animals against cruelty, as amended, in the exercise room, this fact would be promptly reported to the authorities active in this area. When training, respect the trainer's instructions and treat other training participants correctly.

9. Equipment

Use the equipment of the training room according to the trainer's instructions. Bring your own collar, leash, toys, treats, muzzles and other training equipment for lessons to ensure you are in control of the dog.

10. Alcohol and other intoxicating and psychotropic substances

It is prohibited to consume alcohol and other intoxicating and psychotropic substances during the lessons, those under the influence of these substances will not be allowed to enter the exercise room.

11. Exclusion from the training room

If you behave in an inappropriate manner, do not follow the rules of the training room and do not follow the instructions of the trainer, the trainer has the right to exclude you from the training without compensation.