Seminars and workshops

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Cooperative home and veterinary care

Would you like to brush your dog or clean their teeth? They won't even let the vet to treat them? Every manipulation always involves some kind of fight and cajole, and in the end you just hold your dog tight so you can both get it over with? It is better to explain to the dog that there is nothing to be afraid of and that they can be firmly in control of the situation. Then they will be willing to cooperate.

The lessons are taught by a vet or a veterinary nurse.

Our practice is divided into several lessons, which you can also visit individually. We offer two different levels of these lessons:

- beginners- dogs which have not the cooperative care just yet, they have never tried practice in a specific treatment and need to go through some basic techniques and exercises to help them cope with situations like this. To sign up here.

- advanced- ogs that handle the cooperative care quite well, various techniques and exercises already have a somehow acquired and want to continue with the practical training and potentially also they can build a relationship with a particular vet. To sign up here.

280 - 550 CZK

Emotion recognition

At Hodný pes, we are offering you new non-traditional courses that are aimed at developing your dog's cognitive abilities. Using modern ethical training methods, we will teach you the match-to-sample method. This helps to develop memory, attention and also the ability to distinguish between objects. Your dogs will learn not only to recognize different objects, but also to use abstract thinking and to recognize categories such as shapes and colours.

Those interested will have the opportunity to participate in the scientific project Perception of Affective Signals in Interspecies Communication led by Mgr. Markéta Lukavska and PhDr. RNDr.Tereza Nekovářová, PhD, which deals with how dogs and primates perceive and distinguish human emotions.

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150 CZK

Summer intense lessons

Because we honor summer vacation time, there are no obedience courses in the months of July and August. But we certainly must also take advantage of the beautiful sunny days. That's why every summer we bring a program full of intensive lessons that help you train the most important things - leash work, recalling and cooperation. You only have to sign up for concrete dates, which you can find directly in your applications.

Recalling - to sign up click here

Leash work - to sign up click here. 

Shaping - to sign up click here

370 - 490 CZK

Enrichment workshop

The experience workshop is designed for the general public. We'll introduce you to all aspects of the enrichment. Workshop participants will learn what types of enrichment exist and why it is so important to animals. The workshop is focused on all the pets people commonly have in their homes (dogs, cats, rabbits, small rodents and more).

Enrichment is not just a toy or a meal, it is much more:)

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350 CZK

Default behavior

Thanks to our seminar, you will be able to communicate better with your dog and reduce the amount of stress signals that act on it. In addition, you will improve your training success and have a happier dog.

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750 CZK

Relaxing with brain teasers

How do you teach your dog to relax properly? Try it with us through a variety of games or brain teasers. You will learn how to create and offer a brain teaser to your dog. Dogs communicate mainly through their bodies, thanks to calm play you will learn to read them better.

The seminar is practical and can therefore be attended with your dog. The seminar lasts 60 minutes.

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550 CZK

New Year’s Eve with a pet

New Year's Eve is for some of us a pleasant end-of-year celebration that we spend with our friends or family (two-legged and four-legged). For some of us is a harrowing period our pets fear. Animals have acquired a highly adaptive ability to respond to sounds by nature. However, this advantage is lost when they live in human proximity. Would you like to know more about this phenomenon and get a better sense of how your pet feels? Would you like to get information about how to get through this period together in peace and quiet? Come to Hodný pes.

The seminar lasts 120 minutes, it runs without dogs in our classroom.

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550 CZK

Anatomy and physiology of the dog

Step by step we will go through the whole dog's body, i.e. skeleton, muscular system, digestive, excretatory, neural, respiratory and more. Let's talk about what they're made of and what their functions are. And it's going to be a lot of information.

In short, if you want to know how a dog works, this seminar is just for you. The seminar is all-day.

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850 CZK

Ethology of dog and ontogenesis

We will discuss the evolution and domestication of the dog, the role of different breeds in human society. Next, we will talk about dog's relationship with a human, how we play, communicate and work with dogs. You will learn about a dog's cognitive abilities, personality and individual development, etc.

The seminar is theoretical and lasts two days.

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1 550 CZK

Health, nutrition and caring for the dog

I'm sure you've heard the line that health begins in a bowl.

That's why we're going to dedicate a great deal of this seminar to key nutrients, nutrition of the dog with respect to its development. We will also discuss how to feed a canine athlete and how to ensure a sufficient drinking regime. We will also talk about the most common canine diseases and how to recognise them. Other important topics will be musculoskeletal care and first aid.

What about regular vaccinations and deworming? They'll discussed too. So if you want to know how to take care of your furry friend's health, sign up for this seminar.

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850 CZK