About us

Our trainers have several years of experience and adequate knowledge. More importantly, though, they are keen to find the right path for a better understanding between the dog and its owner.

How was HODNÝ PES created?

We have put together our experience to create a project that is tailor-made for the dog and their owners. Over the years of our work, we have had the opportunity to find out what the common owner and his dog need most for a smooth life together. We've created unique courses to guide you through everything you need to know about yourself and your dog. You'll understand your dog better, they'll understand you. We offer the best to our clients, so you will be treated by two trainers in one course. 

Helena and Petra are not only the names of those who will guide you through the courses. Our initials also gave the basis of HODNÝ PES brand.

Where do we train? 

Our premises are located in Prague 4, Michle. There are two training rooms available for you in Týmlova street. Lessons take place indoors and also outdoors in a wide area.

Ing. Helena Pozníčková Hejzlarová

Course and individual lessons trainer

She has been training dogs since 2010. She led lessons in rescue training, sports cynology, obedience, and much more.

She regularly attends educational seminars and workshops.

She runs the Dog Puller club, is also a referee and trainer of this sport. She is an instructor for Hersenwerk and founder of a cross-species communication association for educating trainers. In HODNÝ PES Helena teaches obedience courses and individual lessons.

Petra Šatopletová

Course and individual lessons trainer

She has been training on a professional level since 2020, but began education with the adoption of her first dog in 2011. She has 3 dogs from the shelter, thanks to which she has tried a number of kynology disciplines, e.g. agility, basics of rescue training, defence, dogtraking but also solutions of fear aggression and reactivity, but she has grown most attached to her heart by clicker training and Hersenwerk.

At the moment, she is mainly training in a real environment and is an instructor for Hersenwerk. In HODNÝ PES Petra teaches obedience courses and individual lessons.

Markéta Lukavská

Individual lessons trainer

She started with positive reinforcement training eight years ago - thanks to her reactive dog. For seven years she worked as a specialist in the ethical training of animals (both exotic and domesticated), in collaboration with František Šusta and Klára Nevečeřalová.

She has dedicated her thesis to the so-called default behavior and continues to research interspecies communication. In particular, how the dogs perceive human emotions.

She knows that every dog is an individuality, and she sees living together as a confluence of love and mutual respect.

Mgr. Kristýna Kinkalová

Therapist and lecturer

She graduated in Social Work with a focus on communication and applied psychotherapy at the Prague University of Psychosocial Studies. She successfully completed five years of psychotherapy training guaranteed by her alma mater and accredited for health care by the Czech Psychotherapeutic Society of the Czech Medical Society J. E. Purkyně. She has completed a number of courses (e.g. psychosocial counselling, trauma work and crisis intervention, coaching basics, stress work and many more) and continues to be educated in the field.

Since 2012, she has been working with users of addictive substances. Since 2020, she has been working as head of social services and lecturer in self-experience and self-development seminars at the Prague University of Psychosocial Studies. Since 2021, she has been cooperating with the ISCA Interspecies Communication Association. Since 2021, she has been running a private practice focused on psychotherapy counselling. In her practice, she focuses on working with both adults and adolescents.

She is approached by people who want to help with self-development and self-knowledge, problem-solving in their personal lives and relationships. Furthermore, people who find themselves in a difficult living situation or crisis, who experience unpleasant mental health conditions, etc. Her approach is non-directional, respectful.

"I'm presuming that everyone is an expert on their own lives. I help find ways to discover and enhance their own self-worth and life satisfaction."