Training purse small high-visibility paw 4dox

A training bag that offers comfort during training and walks. In addition to the beautiful design, it offers sophisticated workmanship - four separate compartments. There are two zipped pockets for treats, which are made of water and grease resistant material on the inside. You can open both at the same time or just one, and it is practical to divide the treats into two pockets, for example according to the type of treats.

The large pocket is fitted with zip fastener, you can fit a leash, a toy, or a smaller drinking bottle in it.

There's a zipped pocket at the back for keys or a mobile phone.

For excrement bags, there is an opening and a small pocket in the top corner of the large pocket.


height: 28 cm

width: 22 cm

height of the front pocket for treats: 13 cm

980.00 Kč