Orange floating ball with 7 cm handle

Ball made of very durable material with health certificate.

This special ball is heavier than ordinary balls of this type, which means that it is easier to throw.

The ball features longitudinal grooves and holes where small training treats can be easily placed. This will make tugging and throwing even more fun for the dog.

The strap is lined with soft, sturdy softshell.

When tugging, the strap doesn't dig into the palm of the hand, ensuring that tugging will be effortless fun, even if the dog exerts a lot of force.

The diameter of the ball is 5 cm, making it suitable for smaller to medium sized dogs. The ball is flattened, which allows it to fit well in the dog's mouth.

The total length of the toy is 30 cm.

The huge advantage of this ball is that despite its weight, it floats perfectly, making it a great throwing toy in the water for doggy play.

The colours used in the manufacture of this toy have been carefully selected according to a colour scheme that the dog will recognise well.

420.00 Kč