Multifunctional leash lime-turquoise for smaller dogs 4dox

The leash is fully padded with quality softshell. The material makes the handling of the leash pleasant, you are not at risk of getting burned by the leash.

The length of the leash is adjustable. The shortest version can be shortened to 1.1 m. If you want to give your dog more freedom, you can extend the leash to 2 m.

If you need an in-between - the leash offers a third length of 1.5 m.

The leash is also suitable for fitting around a person's body, then you have your hands free. It can be fitted diagonally over the shoulder under the arm or around the waist.


for medium dogs: leash width 2 cm and medium carabiner.

for larger dogs: leash width 2,5 cm and large carabiner

520.00 Kč