Bungee dog leash orange-black for larger dogs 4dox

Leash with bungee. The leash is especially great for walking dogs that are not so good behave at walking on a leash. They stop to sniff, run over here and there and cause jerks and markets in the leash.

The bungee leash will ensure maximum elimination of these shocks to the shoulder joint and arm. Walking now even with a more active dog will be comfortable for you.

The leash can also be used well when running with your dog, or dog sports - for example, plugging in treadmills.

Designed for medium dogs. The ear of the leash is padded with soft softshell.

The leash is suitable for use with Comfort plus harnesses.

1. Variant for medium dogs with medium carabiner:

Length 1.5 m

Width of popurh 2.5 cm

Bungee cord lenght 50 cm

2. Variant for larger dogs with large carabiner:

Length 1.2 m

Strap width 2.5 cm

Bungee cord  lenght 50 cm

470.00 Kč