Ball with bungee handle orange / blue

Ball made of very durable material with health certificate.

The ball is fitted with holes, allowing the dog to easily bite into the toy with its teeth and a firm grip. During tug of war, the ball does not pull out of the dog's mouth, allowing him to devote all his energy to the game.

The diameter of the ball is 8 cm, making it ideal for medium-sized dogs. The ball is well flexible. The length of the handle is 24 cm and the total length of the toy reaches 32 cm.

The shock absorber is made with two rubber bands, which ensures extreme strength and longevity of the toy. The shock absorber is a great advantage when tugging, especially if your dog is very active. It eliminates jerking and tearing, and these movements do not transfer to your hand and arm. This allows you to play with your dog for much longer without restriction.

The ear is made up of a shock absorber, which means double springing on both the left and right side. The toy is not too long in the unstretched position, making it ideal for walks and outings. It fits easily into a pocket or training bag.

The colours used in the manufacture of this toy are carefully chosen according to a colour scheme that the dog will recognise well.

580.00 Kč